Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sketchbook Pieces

Welcome to my very first blog post.  This blog will serve to chronicle my art journey as I strive to get better and achieve a professional level of work.  It will also serve as a timeline to measure my progress, and for me to post whatever sort of doodles/gestures/portraits/squiggles/etc. that I create and enjoy.

Recently, I got the book by Andrew Loomis called "Fun With a Pencil."  Its a great way for anyone to start drawing as all you need to be able to do is make a shape on a piece of paper.  I highly recommend it as a stepping stone for anyone looking to get better at drawing.

Here are my sketches from the book.  The top are designs done by Loomis, which I constructed based on the guidelines.   The bottom three are my own.

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