Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So in 2009, I was living in Florida with some really cool people.  We hung out every day and spent a lot of time together.  I miss those good times, and one of my favorite memories is a trip to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure.  They have a ride called the Poseidon Adventure, and it turned into a huge inside joke.  We'd just randomly boom out the name Poseidon in our deepest, most epic voices.

It led to a rather bad painting of mine, before I started any real studying of anatomy.  So I thought I'd revisit Poseidon and paint him again.

I used a flat color scheme as once again I'm influenced by the style of Louie Del Carmen.  I really love his color choices, and if you haven't checked him out yet, you can find his website link in my previous post about him.

So here's the picture.  I still don't like the trident, and need to get better reference.  I will be revisiting it later.

And here is the side by side comparison.  It's amazing to see the improvement, and I hope to continue improving more and more each day.

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